Fillers for Under Eye Bags


Under eye bags are one of the key areas of focus for many people who are over the age of thirty. This is one of the most noticeable signs of aging, and many people want to be able to effectively reduce the appearance of aging in this part of the face. Cosmetics sales in the US related to eye beautification generate roughly 882 million dollars in sales each year. For many, the act of covering up this imperfection is not enough, however.

The global eye skin care market is expected to increase steadily for men and women in the future to match the growth experienced in 2020 and 2021. Those seeking a more permanent fix for this imperfection will often inquire about fillers for their under eye bags. Various products can offer good results for this need, which makes it easier for patients to find the right treatment for their unique expectations.

The Filler Products That Can Be Used for Under eye Bags

  1. Hyaluronic Acid Gel

    This is the preferred method for filling under eye bags. This is the safest product on the market, and it is the least likely to cause bumps or other kinds of imperfections after it is injected into the skin. If there are bubbles that form from the HA gel, they can be removed with an enzyme injection. There are various products made to be used in this way and are all based on HA gel.

    You can choose from Restylane products, but there are also Juvederm options and Belotero products for different patient needs. These products each offer different stiffnesses. The doctor delivering the treatment will often advise about the best stiffness for each patient’s unique situation.
  1. Fat Grafting

    This is a riskier procedure, but it can provide more lasting results for those who do not wish to get injections on a regular schedule. When this treatment is done, fat is delivered to the sagging places in minute amounts. The doctor's skill is an essential factor for the success of this procedure, but it is well-tolerated, and it can provide lasting efficacy in removing under eye bags.

    Injecting the fat is not that much different from injecting a filler product. Still, it does have to be done in smaller amounts with a wider spread of injection locations to ensure a natural-looking end result.
  1. Semi-Permanent Fillers

    These are not the preferred method of filling under eye bags for many doctors, but they are an option. They are well-tolerated in some patients but can lead to bumps and bulges that cannot be resolved well after placing the filler. These products are made with some form of collagen gel that includes a firm product like plastic beads of silicone.

    The common products for this type of filler use are Radiesse, Sculptra, and Belafill. Most patients will have better results from the other choices on this list, but some doctors can use these more permanent fillers in place of products like Juvederm.

Under eye Bags Can Be a Thing of the Past

Under eye bags are one of the most noticeable signs of aging, and men and women of varying ages might be interested in these treatments. There is a wide array of options on the market to choose from for your under eye bag filler treatments, and your doctor can advise about which of these fillers is the right one for your needs. Creating lasting solutions for unsightly under eye bags is much easier today than ever before due to the various products that patients can choose from for their treatment needs.

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